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25 martie 2017 exchange

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Bitcoin Romania in partnership with Smith&Smith launched  on the 24th of March, an unique payment service for Bitcoin users. The facility offered by the two companies, confers both efficiency and speed of Bitcoin transactions, as well as flexibility.

This new service allows the user to deposit or withdraw cash from one of the many Smith&Smith agencies without the need of having a bank account, using Bitcoin Romania‘s online trading platform.

Users based outside of Romania can trade Bitcoin for EUR/USD using  the online platform

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We wanted to implement an instant cash deposit and withdrawal service to extend our services and the Smith&Smith collaboration is the ideal solution. Smith&Smith is already a well known, omnipresent brand in Romania, with locations in diverse, heavily populated areas, so our customers can easily reach one of the payment company’s agency. Our customers can now enjoy instant transactions in tune with this digital age, where speed makes a difference. The location of Smith&Smith agencies makes it possible for all the users from all over the country to successfully finalize their trading actions. Given the fact that these agencies are located in over 60 towns, we offer our customers the posibility to easily arrive to one of these locations. This is very important for us, because ever since we launched we wanted to make Bitcoin trading easy, both in term of processing time, and in terms of proximity to customers. We are happy that we can improve our online platform services and besides existing options like instant bank transfers and our country wide ATMs and terminals netwok we added instant cash and withdrawals through our partners Smith&Smith. We are counting on the experience and safety offered by Smith & Smith and we are sure that this colaboration will be  successfull both for us and especially for our customers.” said the CEO of Bitcoin Romania, George Rotariu.


George Rotariu- Bitcoin Romania’s CEO and Valentin Daeanu – Smith&Smith’s CEO

The list of Smith&Smith agencies can be consulted here and the procedure of trading can be found on Bitcoin Romania‘s site.

For more details please contact us on our contact address or by phone on one of the numbers displayed on our site.

We thank you and we wish you a good trading experience!

About Bitcoin Romania

Bitcoin Romania, subsidiary of BTR Exchange INC, is the largest Bitcoin exchange and brokerage provider,  two way bitcoin ATM network operator and one way bitcoin terminal network in Romania.  With multi-city physical offices, a proprietary online bitcoin exchange platform. Since the first trades in early 2014 Bitcoin Romania is now recognized as a Bitcoin Exchange that offers the best customer services whilst having created a trustful brand with a great reputation.

About Smith&Smith

Smith&Smith is a money transfer company established in 1999 and authorized by the National Bank of Romania as a payment institution in 2011.

In over 15 years of activity we have been developing continuously by offering our clients high standard services at reduced fees. Thus, we have earned a well-deserved top place among similar companies and in these years we have managed to handle more than 7.0 million transactions representing over USD 2.0 billion and equivalent to about 300,000 unique clients.


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  1. Ludmila spune:

    Good morning,

    Please send me an offer for 2-way ATM bitcoin.

    1. Offer for purchase – 100 pieces. Discount on quantity.

    2. Rental offer – 100 pieces
    3. What is the shipping cost of 100 pieces of vending machines?
    – Poland
    – Ukraine
    4. Technical service
    Do you have an open source code, so that we can enter a new cryptocurrency?

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